Ken McKechnie has a new book, The Boy In The Dark. Perhaps it has a story that includes your ancestor’s experiences. Cornwall 1858: a boy descends alone into the darkness of the Wheal Emma copper mine tormented by the mystery of his father’s tragic death. What clues lie hidden in his father’s mining journal? Who are the sinister others in the dark? Who else is plotting to unlock the secrets of the mine? And who really profits from the miners’ back-breaking toil? A beautifully told, skillfully plotted, authentic period thriller – a tale of loss and discovery, loyalty and treachery, poverty hardship and riches. The Boy in the Dark weaves a gripping tale around an accurate portrayal of the struggles of the Cornish men, women and children whose labors made staggering fortunes for speculators, landowners and the aristocracy. Find it on here.

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